SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY MISSION was established in 1968 in New Delhi and KARNATAKA  KENDRA in the year 1975  at  Kalyani Raghavendra Ashrama  in
N R Colony Bangalore.   Branches at Mathura, Rishikesh,   Badarinath,  Allahabad, Hyderabad,  Bagalkot,  Badami,  Guledguda,  Bijapur,  Hirebevnoor,  Hosur and Honolulu U S A. were also established.

Founder of the Mission is Nadayogi Veena Maharaj late Sri. D.R.Parvatikar a renowned Sitar & Rudra veena player who spent nearly 35 years in Badrinath [Himalaya] pursuing Hatayoga and research in spiritual music with Sitar, Saraswati Beena, Rudra Veena, Satsang, Ramayangan [Harikatha]  Bhagavat  and  Mahabarat at Badarinath Temple and became world famous with his Hindustani classical music performances in Sitar & Rudra veena all over India & abroad.    Late SriH D R Parvatikar was instrumental in establishing Sri Raghavendraswami Mission and
Sri Raghavendra swamiji’s Matha in Bengaluru.  

The Pratisthapana rituals of the Matha were performed on 23/04/1978 CHAITRAMASA SHUKLAPAKSHA POORNIMA DAY  by His Holiness  Late Sri Sri  SUJAYENDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJI OF MANTRALAYA MATHA.  Along with  Sri Rayara & Vadeendrara Brindavana Lord Srinivasa & Anjaneya pratistapana  were also performed.  This Rayara  Brindavana  is  made of  Mrithike brought from Moola Brindavana of Mantralaya.

The Mission was registered as a Society in 2003 and the following were the first office bearers:

FOUNDER PRESIDENT – Late Sri H R Basavaraj – Ex MP – Rajyasabha and leading Industrialist of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.  He was  a staunch devotee of
Sri Raghavendraswamiji & Nadayogi Sri D R Parvatikar and executed all the wishes of Nadayogi in establishing  Raghavendraswamiji Mission & Mathas all over India & abroad.

FOUNDER SECRETARY – Late Sri H S Krishna Murthy- Religious worker and great devotee of Sri Raghavendraswamiji and trusted sevaka of Nadayogi Parvatikar throughout his life,  served as Honarary Secretary for a period of 30 years.  He gave more thrust for Jnanakaryas like Pravachanas,  Bhajans and Harikatha.  He  arranged  number of classical music programs  inviting leading vocal  & Veena artists of Karnataka on special occasions like Sri Raghavendraswamiji’s Aradhana, etc.,

TREASURER- Late Dr P J Bagilthaya -  I P S [Retired] who was a well known philanthropist, social worker & educationalist was involved in establishing among others, Poorna Prajna and Navaprajna educational institutions, Sri Krishna Sevashrama Hospital,  Navajeevan Nilaya & Arya Jana Seva trust for  senior citizen shelter home.    During his tenure, the Matha received a face lift, many developmental works taken up   Religious & cultural activities  got wider publicity.

Late Sri Raghavendra  Parvatikar – I F S – Retired Chief Conservator of Forests – Govt of Karnataka was President of the Mission from 2000-2005 and contributed a lot in developmental  activities with his good rapport with various organisations.

Sri K N Bengeri – [President in charge now since 2006] Retd. Director - Information & Publicity  Department – Govt of Karnataka  and Advisory to Government of  Karnataka in  Karnataka -Maharashtra Border Dispute committee and  a sitting member in all meetings even at this age of 94 years. 

He is  a Sanskrit scholar and researcher in religious subjects and has written  many  books on “ Bhagavat Purana” Karma Yoga, Karma sidhanta,  Sriman Madhva Philosophy & Bhagavad Gita  etc.,

The present Trustees  consist of eminent Physician, Engineering consultants, Technocrats, Chartered Accountants, Retired Govt. Gazette officers and retired Bankers.    These persons  are known for their selfless services & devotion to
Sri Raghavendraswamiji.  The staff of the Matha & Mission are also devoted and hardworking rendering   services with integrity.

List of  Managing Committee Members 2018-2019
    1.  Sri K.N. Bengeri -  President.
    2.  Sri. B.S. Vittalachar – Vice President.
    3.  Sri. B.K. Gururaja -  Hon. Secretary.
    4.  Sri. R. Sriramprasad – Treasurer.
    5.  Dr. K.G. Das.
    6.  Sri. S.K. Bhat.
    7.  Sri. P.S. Bagilthaya.
    8.  Sri. Mohan R Parvatikar.

A branch of the Mission is established in 1985 at Sri Raghavendraswamiji’s Matha at Guledgud town, Bagalkot District near famous tourist places like Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole, Kudala Sangama, Almatti Dam.   The Mission has plans to develop this Matha with a view to facilitate  all  facilities to the devotees visiting above tourist & piligrim centres.  

In accordance with the objectives of the mission, a Music School  in the memory of  Veena Maharaj D R Parvatikar was established to promote classical Carnatic & Hindustani Music, Sugama Sangeeta  Veena & Sitar for the benefit of devotees & researchers.

Regular music classes are being conducted under the direction of Sri Mysore V Subramanya [a well known Music & Dance critic and great  grandson of Late Veene Sheshanna Asthana Vidwan of Mysore Palace], by Vidushi Smt. Sarswati Budhya and Veena teacher Vidushi Smt. Uma Prahlad.

A meditation [Dhyana Mandir]  and Bhajan Hall in memory of Nadayogi D R Parvatikar is established at 1st floor of the temple premises for the benefit of devotees of
Sri Raghavendra swamiji.

To propagate the teachings of great saints like Madhvacharya, Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya,  financial assistance is being granted to eminent scholars to help them in their research work.  The main recipients are  Late Dr. Bharatiramanachar and Sri. Bemmatti Venkateshachar & Dr. Koratagere Vasudevachar.
With a view to help the deserving and meritorious students of Music in all disciplines, TEN scholarships in the name of Veena Maharaj D R Parvatikar have been instituted at Karnatak University Dharwad.

The Mission is also involving in the social work of helping the disabled, blind persons and senior citizens welfare schemes by donating liberally every year to noted organizations like SPASTIC SOCIETY, NACHIKETA MANOVIKASA KENDRA – Vijayanagar, Bangalore [School for mentally retarded children], NAVJEEVANA NILAYA [home for old age persons], Arya Jana Seva Trust, etc.,

Apart from the above, donations are being given to various charitable and religious institutions and associations for renovation of old temples and constructions of dharmashala and temples.

To honour eminent and dedicated musicians, the Mission is sponsoring Musical programmes conducted by Karnataka Gana Kala Parishad every year in memory of
our Founder Veena Maharaj Nadayogi D R Parvatikar.

The Mission is  sponsoring  Satsang and Bhajan programmes being held at Prayag Raj  Allahabad during Magh Mela in  January every year.

Medical aid is being given to the poor deserving persons to meet their  medical and hospitalization expenses.

The Mission is providing financial assistance to poor deserving and meritorious students to  pursue their studies.

With a view to promote  Music, Dance and Arts etc., the Mission is sponsoring the programmes of eminent musicians and artists and have honoured great musicians like:  Vidwan. R K Padmanabhan, Dr. Suma Sudhindra, Vidushi Dr. Sathyavathi, Vidushi Smt. Sukanya Prabhakar, Vidushi, Smt. M S Sheela, Vidushi Smt. Sudha Murthy,  Smt. Saroja Natarajan,  Vidwan Sri. Maruti Prasad, Veena Vidwan Sri. Balakrishna,  Vidwan Sri Shankar, Veena Vidushi Smt. Shanthi Rao, Vidushi Smt. Chandrika and Violin Artist Vidwan Dr. Rajalakshmi Krishnan,  Vidushi Uma Money, S aralaya Sisters, Vidushi Dr. Veena Bhat, Sri Hara Nagaraj and so many others who have performed at the mission during various occasions.

Free  eye checking camp was organized at our Mission premises conducted by the eminent doctors of Narayana Netralaya.  Keva Ayurveda Centre conducted few health check camps and distributed free medicines also.

In the past 5 years Sri Raghavendra swamiji’s Brindavana at Guledguda branch is attracting large number of devotees of North Karnataka. As this is the birth place of Nadayogi Veena Maharaj Late  D R  Parvatikar   Musical & Cultural programmes, Satsang etc. are being held throughout the year performed by leading Hindustani Musicians.  Recently Haridasa Seva Mandali is also formed as a part of Haridasa Sahitya projects of Tirumala Tirupati.

The Mission has also re-done the first floor with modern amenities for the use of religious functions.

Library comprising religious & Musical research books and  a Museum in the memory of our founder late Nadayogi Veena Maharaj Parvatikar have been established in the first floor of the Mission building, which  is open for devotees & general public during Mission office timings.

Every Thursday evening for the benefit of devotees:
[a]  Veda & Upanishad classes are being held in the Mission premises from 5pm to 6 pm conducted by well known Sanskrit scholar  Dr. Koratagere Vasudevachar.

[b] Astrology Tution & consultation classes being held on every Thursday at our Dhyana Mandira from 5.30 to 6.30 pm conducted by Dr.Ramamurthy of Jnana Jyoti Jyotishyalaya.

[c] Patanjali Yoga Centre is conducting Yoga Training classes  3 days in a week from 6 pm to 7.00 pm by well trained yoga teachers.

The mission has a vision to establish a Health Dispensary, Senior Citizens Home,  Carnatic  Classical Music & Hindustani  Music  research  centre  and Sanskrit School to promote fundamental values of Hindu philosophy.